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Dive into our business analytics course that empowers you with in depth knowledge of data analysis for informed business decisions. This comprehensive program not only covers statistics and visualization but also uses tools to solve real world problems.

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    In Business Analytics

    Open Doors To Exciting Career Opportunities
    In Business Analytics

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    Master data driven decision making with our Business Analytics course. Gain practical skills in data analysis, statistics and visualization to become a certified professional ready to solve real world business challenges.

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    The Comprehensive Analytics Certification Syllabus

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    The Comprehensive Business Analytics Certification Syllabus covers Python and R programming, statistical methods, data analysis and business forecasting. Students learn Python and R, data handling, hypothesis testing, regression, and correlation. The curriculum includes advanced topics like market basket analysis, decision trees and time series forecasting preparing graduates for data driven decision making in business management..  

    Graduates gain versatile skills in Python, R, and statistics, opening doors to diverse career opportunities

    Certification empowers data driven decision-making and sharpens problem solving

    Certified experts stand out with valuable data analysis and forecasting expertise in today's job market.

    Proficiency in statistical analysis enables them to address complex business challenges effectively.

    Employers benefit from data savvy employees, leading to improved efficiency and business performance.

    Installing Python on your computer; Jupiter notebooks. Using pip or similar command for installing various packages such as Pandas Matplotlib or Numpy. Reading data from csv files into Panda data frame. Using Matplotlib to plot one or more series of data. Descriptive statistics. Linear regression and Logistic regression.

    Probability, Games of Chance, Conditional, Marginal and Joint Probability, Bayes’ Law, Sampling methods and empirical rules, sample mean and central limit theorem, standard normal distribution and probability table. Student’s t-distribution.

    Framing mutually exclusive hypothesis, setting a significance level for type I error and type II error. Testing for means - single sample, testing for proportions - single sample. Testing for difference of means - two large samples, testing for difference of proportions - two large samples, small samples and t- test statistic. hypothesis tests for paired samples, Chi-square test for independence of population attributes. Chi-square test for goodness of fit of distribution, correlation coefficient for categorical data,

    Scatterplots and regression line, ordinary least squares regression, estimating the coefficients, testing for their significance, coefficient of determination, F statistic and fitness of overall model. Applications of regression, multiple regression, estimating betas for multiple regression. Odds, log of odds. Sigmoid function, Classification with logistic regression; Issues using regression for binary classification

    Installing R and/or RStudio on your computer. Installing packages. Reading csv files into R. Calculating summary measures. Counts and pivot tables in R. Sampling from various distributions. Hypothesis tests. Linear regression and logistic regression

    Experimental design, completely randomised design, randomised block design, factorial experiment, one way ANOVA for more than two populations, Pearson’s correlation coefficient, Spearman’s rank correlation.

    Market Basket Analysis and Associative Rule Mining, Text analysis, Decision Trees, Data Visualisation, Cluster Analysis.

    Qualitative methods and quantitative methods. Method of Delphi, Jury of Executive Opinion etc. Calculating a moving average. Exponential smoothing. Exponential smoothing with trend and seasonality components.

    Time Series Analysis, seasonality, stationarity, decomposition a series into trend, seasonality, cycles and random variation. Box-Jenkins methodology. Dealing with non- stationarity, Tests for stationarity.

    Why Choose Our Analytics Program


    Our program covers cutting edge techniques from data analysis to machine learning, empowering you to tackle real world challenges and stay ahead in the dynamic analytics landscape.


    Our strong relationships with over 700+ companies provide extensive opportunities with the highest CTC standing at 12 LPA.


    Our dedicated career services team provides invaluable guidance, polishing your resume and interview skills. Unleash your potential in analytics and embark on an exciting journey to success.

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    • 6 months online learning program

    • Real world industry relevant projects

    • Hands-on learning on Machine learning R-programming, Data Analysis and more

    • Extensive network of over 700+ companies allow for broader opportunities

    • Engage in consultancy projects worth over Rs.3 crore gaining invaluable experience.

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    Our relationships with over 700+ companies allow for broad opportunities

    Access global opportunities through our partnerships

    Business analytics skills are applicable across industries, opening doors to diverse career options

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