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Unique highlights of the courses

Python is one of the most commonly used languages in major fortune 500 companies and its tools has made it possible for students and software engineers to build scalable companies thus breaking barriers. Python has a simple, easy-to-use syntax that makes it an excellent program.

Course Highlights

  • Experienced corporate trainers onboard
  • Real-Time industrial teaching
  • Flexible self-paced learning
  • Designed for freshers and early career professionals
  • Comprehensive curriculum and hands-on learning
  • Industry oriented Capstone Project

Thoughtfully designed curriculum

Module 1 - Python Fundamentals

Introduction, Need and Future of Python
Python Installation & Environmental Setup
Working with Interactive Mode & Script Mode
Problem solving strategies – Algorithms, Flowcharts & Pseudocode
Character Set,Keywords, Identifiers
Comments, Variables,Data types and Type Casting
Operators and Operator Precedence
Input and Output in Python

Module 2 - Program Control Flow

Conditional Statements & Python Indentation
if Statement
if-else Statement
if-elif Statement
Nested if Statement
Looping and Iteration
For Loop
While Loop
Loop else Statement
Nested Loops
Break and continue
Range Function
Introduction to range()
Types of range() function
Use of range() function

Module 3 - String Manipulation

Introduction to Python String
Accessing Individual Elements
String Operators
String Operation
String Functions and Methods

Module 4 - List & Tuples Manipulation

Introduction to Python List
Creating List
Accessing List
Joining List
Replicating List
List Slicing
List Operations
Introduction to Tuples
Creating Tuples
Accessing Tuples
Joining Tuples
Replicating Tuples
Tuples Slicing
Tuples Operations

Module 5 - Dictionaries, Set and Frozen Set

Introduction to Dictionary
Accessing values in dictionary
Working with dictionary
Introduction to Set and Frozen Set
Creating Set and Frozen Set
Accessing and joining
Replicating and Slicing

Module 6 - Introduction to Functions

User Defined Functions
Structure of Python Functions
Invoking User Defined Function
Flow of Execution
Arguments and Parameters
Default Arguments and Named Arguments
Scope of Variables
Lambda Functions
Recursion Function
Recursive Function
Factorial and Fibonacci
Tower of Hanoi
Built-in Functions
Types of Functions

Module 7 - Modules & Packages

Python Modules Overview
Creating Module
import Module
dir() Function
Executing a Module as a Script
Reloading Module
Python Packages Overview
Packages Initialization
Importing * from a Packages
Sub packages

Module 8 - File Operations

Introduction to Text and Bytes File
Opening & Reading a File
Writing/Creating a File
Closing a File
Cursor Positioning Methods
Truncating a File
Renaming a File
Deleting a File

Module 9 - Python OOPs

Introduction to OOPs Concept
Classes and Objects

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Anyone interested in learning Python for software development or data science job roles will benefit from this certification. This beginners course also is well-suited for:

  • Sophomores and grad students
  • Programming enthusiasts
  • Technocrats who would like to reskill and upskill themselves.

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